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An overturned sleigh.

Thundering, galloping, panicking horses.

A thousand yards of hard, rutted ice.

Deliverance or death !

Jack rescues a very public figure and he’s drawn into a gilded world with few rules and heady stakes.

It’s 1880: the world is small; the players have perilous ambitions. Espionage has always been a polite game, but now the stakes are changing.

The Intelligence Service is not equipped for the modern world.

And it’s certainly not ready for Jack!

Book One of The Scandalous Memoirs of General John Torrance 

 -- or--

How Our Modern World Came into Being.

Read the Prologue

The memoirs of General Torrance begin in 1880, when he was just 20 years old and about to be swept up and into a world of danger, money, and intrigue. Jack is an unlikely addtion to the British Intelligence service, but he's game for just about anything.  And that's just what happens over a lifetime of adventuring.


Ottawa, London, Cairo, Khartoum, Berlin, New York, Moscow, Delhi, Peking - he is sent to them all and more. From the last cavalry charge to the Cold War, an intelligence agent is always there. And it's often Jack.

We know how small today's world can be; it was much smaller then. As Jack attests, it was powerful people – with their egos, impetuosity, lasciviousness, lunacy, and bravery – who stumbled the modern world into being.

Book 2: Modesty Jack

Trust modesty. Trust results even more.


Jack is seconded to the tiny British Intelligence Department, little more than a map room in 1880.

Jack is assigned to the Austria, Turkey, and Africa Desk. A hodgepodge of little importance. Jack’s got bugger all to do, but he wants to learn, and he seeks out experts on Islam and its politics. 

When trouble erupts in Egypt, his Arabist friends offer to pay his way to Cairo. Perhaps Jack can help free the Egyptians. Delighted somebody else is footing the bill, Intelligence Branch sends Jack. 

Into a revolution.


Book 3: One-eyed Jack

The future has been foretold – a guide, the Mahdi – will free Soudan, free Egypt, topple the corrupt Ottoman Empire, and establish a new caliphate. 

Sure enough, the Egyptian province of Soudan falls to the Mahdi. The Khedive in Cairo hires Englishman General Charles Gordon to go to Khartoum and evacuate the Egyptians and Europeans trapped within the walled city.

Gordon gets there but can’t get out. Fuelled by jingoism in the press, the English mount an expedition to save Gordon.


In advance goes Jack – a wild card, a one-eyed jack – to reason with two madmen, Gordon and the Mahdi, and get everyone out alive. 


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Gripping from start to finish…

Ring melds history, politics, and spy craft into an enthralling story of valor and patriotism in his latest, the debut installment in The Scandalous Memoirs of General John Torrance series.


1880. Twenty-year-old Jack Torrance, an inexperienced military cadet at the Royal Military College in Kingston, is on his way to Rideau Hall to deliver an important invitation for the Governor General. A chance meeting with Sir Alexander Galt and Senator MacPherson in a saloon bar in a railway station sets him out on an unexpected journey where cunning and courage are the  necessities for survival.


Ring delivers sound plot and tense atmosphere, but it’s his complex protagonist and insights into the Canadian political landscape of the era that stand out. He plausibly recreates the 19th-century era, and wrings real emotion out of Jack’s quest, dealing out the plot’s surprises at a measured pace. The storyline is intriguing and the execution expert. Enriching the narrative with careful spycraft details, sound character development, and finely realized settings, Ring has delivered a page-turning winner.

Prairies Book Review October 2023

Alexa Young, CA


Character should always drive plot.

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