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In the Urquhart & MacDonald Murder Mystery Series

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What’s next for Notepad and Jimmy?

 The MacDonald and Urquhart mysteries build a sense of the community. Time passes and we get to know the residents of Barrachois, their joys, their fears, their secrets. Old characters pop up. New characters are introduced. I want to create a place you’d like to re-visit – not just for meeting old friends, but for getting to understand how living changes us all.

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A small port city overlooks the cold, watery edge of the world. It’s crooked by necessity, but an oddly safe place – joyous, even. Until two little kids witness the death of the limping man.

Newcomer Inspector Jimmy Urquhart, young veteran and rookie cop, is not ready to be in charge of its highest profile criminal case in decades. But he is. 

As Jimmy and local reporter Alexandra MacDonald begin to peel back the layers, rumours swirl about the murdered man: of infidelities, of mob money, of secrets, and of violence. In the best golden age whodunnit tradition, the victim proves to be as elusive as his killer.

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Death in the Offing

Death in the Offing is a classic country house mystery. Newlyweds Jimmy and Notepad -- and a dozen others -- are trapped by a late winter storm in Doctor Grandage’s new lodge, just up the coast from Barrachois.


The power is cut. The phone lines are dead and the storm shows no sign of abating.

And then, the murders begin.

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Death of the
Dancing Doll

Death of the Dancing Doll begins quietly enough, with construction work on the city’s cenotaph. But when a mummified body is discovered inside the monument, old wounds are quickly opened and prejudices confronted.


Then, a callous and shocking murder confirms that whatever else, the past itself is not dead.

Death in Secret

In Death in Secret, a pleasant middle-aged woman dies entering the Barrachois army base. The army insists it was an accident.


When a second middle-aged woman from the base is murdered, Jimmy and Notepad are summoned to investigate – but on the clear understanding they will have no resources and no hope of prosecuting the murderer.

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Character should always drive plot.

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