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Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Well, the day has finally dawned and Death of the Limping Man has been published.

This first volume in the Urquhart and MacDonald mystery novels is now available exclusively on Amazon. The second book will be published in July this year and the third in November – all on,,, and other Amazon sites around the world.

Death of the Limping Man has just been released in four formats at different price points -- hardcover, paperback, e-book, and audiobook (I'm the narrator, so sorry about that). I hope you’ll take the plunge and get a copy. I hope even more that you’ll enjoy it and take a moment to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

There, I said it. And it sounds like begging to me.

I knew I’d have to start doing this sooner or later, but all this kind of promotion via social media and websites and blogs and what-not is something I actively dread, as I’m sure you would too. It’s a very personal kind of approach that lays you bare even more than your writing does. I’m really not sure that’s a fair thing, but I’ve got to hope it might possibly be the start of a good thing. Maybe.

Connecting with the reader is what writing is all about. Don’t get me wrong: you really shouldn’t care at all about me. It’s the book that matters. The story. The characters. The place you get to inhabit for a few hours.

It’s a noisy world out there and it’s hard to cut through the din. I’m under no illusions that my promotion efforts will start a stampede. I can only hope a few brave first-adopters will take a flyer and read the book, and then tell their friends to grab a copy. Now, that would be a real reward.

That’s usually why I buy a new book and you’re probably not much different. Unless you’re a first-adopter, of course.

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