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Yesterday morning, I wrote a blog about a story that has shaped who I have become. It was a story about ignoring the improbability of a moment and just seizing it anyway.

For a few minutes as I wrote yesterday, I re-lived a brief meeting Cicely Tyson. It was a stolen moment and it certainly did not mean much to her. But it did to me.

Ms Tyson died yesterday. She led a long, full-life: one of courage, intelligence, grace, and seeking. There is much to celebrate in her living; nevertheless, we are diminished. Only this week, her autobiography was released. If ever there was a person who died while she was living, it was Cicely Tyson. Now there's a lesson for us all.

I am forever grateful for the power of Greg Clark's little story 'Never Look Behind.' I always remember it when the improbable happens. It has enriched my life.

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